We are looking for opportunities to share about our ministry
with Wycliffe Bible Translators.


The opportunities for partnership between a church and a missionary are endless! Often, churches enjoy having a “real life” missionary share what the Lord is doing in other parts of the world.  This can take the form of a presentation in a service, Bible study, small group, mission conference or prayer meeting.  It could also be an interactive program during a youth group meeting, Sunday School class or potluck.

We see our roles as an extension of the church’s ministry.

Contact us to see when we
will be in your area.

Groups or Individually

You can be a source of great prayer, encouragement and financial support for the us. You can be an encouragement to us by sending cards, notes and the church newsletter. 

Another way is to host a home group when we are in your area; you could have 5-10 people over for coffee (desserts or dinner) and we can share our ministry with them.

You can also join us at JAARS and give Wycliffe a hand on various projects throughout the year. The types of projects available change from year to year. 

Your encouragement is valuable to us

Your stories help make websites like this possible.