Wycliffe Bible Translators missionaries do not receive a guaranteed salary. Instead, we rely on God to provide through the gifts of interested individuals and churches.  Wycliffe determines the amount of money we need each month to live.

This includes all day-to-day expenses of living, which may include housing, food, clothing, utilities, personal expenses, minor medical costs, dental care, gasoline, auto and health insurance, retirement savings, repairs, telephone, internet access, training, education, and tithe etc.

We pay all our expenses just as self-employed workers do. We pay ​the full percentage of Social Security and federal income tax, all medical insurance costs, all life insurance, all retirement, and an organizational assessment (10%). These costs are deducted each month. Wycliffe is not able to share these costs.

With a faithful team of ministry partners standing with us we will be able to serve and impact lives.


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